The Universe, art, trees, thought… sand through the looking glass, into your iris

Ho reader,

Strange title, no? If this thing persists into my more adult years (and if I have not since distanced myself from it in a futile effort to become someone who I am not), then I may switch to a more categorical title-system.

In the meantime, it’s the thought of a photon of light, having traveled from the sun @ 299 792 458 meters per second, striking the eyepiece of the literal looking glass, suddenly being of mass, shattering the glass lens, and then lighting your vision with a brilliance matched only by the perception of ones own death, from the perspective of this body.

Ah yes, and sand. Surely sand follows a photon of light which suddenly becomes a massive (yet minuscule) bullet. On second thought, having been travelling at C, and then coming to be of mass (which is not possible at that velocity), it would either come to pass that the fabric of the cosmos (its laws then broken) would rip and/or explode into an infinite number of beings, universes, or questions, or it would be that as it suddenly became of substance, that it would increase in mass proportionate to the impossible speed.

Either way, you would need an eyewash station, post haste.

More onto the planned intent of this post. Some days I am good with keeping up with supplying the blog with content and thoughts, and at others times I am no so good. There are important works which I feel are just within reach, and so I will probably continue to (somewhat) neglect this space.

Besides the (below) offerings of this particular post, I invite you to move about the blog, and look at other offerings; there is surely some cool and thoughtful stuff in the deep reaches of this publication. There’s fluff too, and I ask that you call me on it. One day I’ll clean house, and organize, but until then, the bad will have to stay with the good.

Tree Rings [interpreted] by a Record Player (Source of the above video)

The following video is one of many that I have posted, and will continue to post throughout the life of this blog. Some of my favourite University papers begin with the prevailing scientific view of the origin of this Universe; how does one make an upside down cake, without first making the Universe? The one seems to entail the other (given the right time and initial conditions).

The Beginning of Everything — The Big Bang

Once there comes from nothing (said paradox likely an effect of the improper framing of the question), then, given time, there comes sexual reproduction, intelligent life (not to suggest that sexual reproduction is necessary for intelligent life), art, philosophers and perversion.

The following video, The Pervert’s Guide to Cinema is a 2006 documentary directed and produced by Sophie Fiennes, scripted and presented by modern philosopher Slavoj Žižek. It explores a number of films from a psychoanalytic theoretical perspective.

The Pervert’s Guide to Cinema by Slavoj Zizek

Though I do have qualms about the idea of living forever… perhaps even more so than the naive idea of death (such a feeling and qualification will make more sense later on), I do think that it is quite nice to have the choice to continue living if you see it fit and, provided the capitalistic spirit continues, if you have the means. [Article below]

Revolutionary membrane can keep your heart beating perfectly forever

If I could live forever, and if I felt that it would be a good thing to be as I am, rather than to be, and to be, and to be anew over and over, then surely I would then feel more comfort spending my time in books. At present it can sometimes feel like a frightful waste. What if I could be having good sex, climbing a mountain, or both? (In effect, to be alive in this life).

Below is a thread from reddit which answers the question “What book absolutely blew your mind?” And as this is exactly the question which I first asked when I decided to stop being a complete idiot (so as to graduate to well-intentioned, well-read fool), I should like to share it with you.

If an alien of intelligence came to earth, and the being did not seem interested in eating (but for some reason it could), I would start its mastication not with an egg, nor bread, not even chocolate… I would give it a wedge of lemon!

Below are those books that sour, that twist the face, and excite/confuse/frustrate and challenge mind… ah, such a reaction. If time as a discrete individual were infinite, then I would make sure to… well, I’d read every fucking book, but were I more active, I’d be sure to make time to read these between mountains and cosmic maidens

Reddit – What book absolutely blew your mind?

As per my own suggestion (though there are many), I would highly, highly, highly recommend Ender’s Game (pic of the cover below for no good reason).

ughhh, what a dope story.

ughhh, what a dope story.

Orson Scott Card – Total Badass (moving on)

I have work to be doing… and so I shall do it. But before I go, I shall leave with you a somber thought, perhaps one which lends to Buddhism.

The work which I have to do right now, though important in its own right, is not the work which I feel to be within me, as perhaps a mother might feel of her fetus (okay, it’s getting weird in here).

Of the work which I call my life’s work (as if by the age of X, I would know what the work of said life would be), there is this latent fear within me… and I wonder if this is a contributing factor to why I have not yet given it to the world.I fear (not really, but partly, and in an irrational way) that once I have done it… and I feel that I have done it well, that perhaps I would then be without purpose.

What if the illusion of a goal is worth more to the individual than the completion of said goal… Well, thankfully the work which I speak of often and highly is more for others than for myself. For me, perhaps only in the cathartic sense, of release.

Eastern thought tells us not to chase such things… but to give ourselves over to the moment, and to recognize that we are but a snowflake suddenly formed, soon to dissolve, part of a much, much larger weather system that cares not for us, and our snowflake values, fears, and dreams. I get what they’re saying, but I disagree in ways which one day I will make clear.

In closing, a photo to communicate such a sentiment.

My life's work is hotdogs. The secret's out.

My life’s work is hotdogs. The secret’s out.

Peace out world,
until next time.

 – J

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I often think but seldom share these thoughts. And if the product of my thinking is to affect anything but my own sense of satisfaction, then surely it must be shared. Here you may try to know what I believe to know.
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