Addendum 23 – Bert Kreischer (as) the Machine – Rammstein for some reason

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Good. With that settled we can move on to our feature of the page.

Below, though a repost on this publication, is a great story in an appropriately animated form.

Bert Kreischer is the Machine

If you watched all the way to the end of the video you would have heard a little bit of the band Rammstein, which… just so happened to be the second of two things which I had intended to share in this post. A little weird? Maybe, probably not.

The following is a smattering of some of their better songs, as per my ears (and whatever the ears connect to). Though, that’s not to say that I would listen to it in just any circumstance; it seems best suited for working out, running (not casually), or shadowboxing with invisible homeless people in the Hallmark card aisle of your local supermarket. The last one, Amerika, is both accessible and political. As the rest, it sounds good too.

Without further adieu (beyond this, the further adieu)

Rammstein – Sonne [Lyrics]

Rammstein – Ich Will [Lyrics]

Rammstein – Du Hast [Lyrics]

Rammstein – Engel [Lyrics]

Ramstein Stripped [English]

Amerika – Rammstein [English + subs]

– J

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