Bill Nye Debates Ken Ham’s creationist view.

Ho folks,

I just watched a live debate between Bill Nye and Ken Ham on whether Ken’s creationist view holds water today with regard to the rigours of science and mere observation of this reality and its particular orderings. Turns out the view doesn’t stand up to scrutiny…

The creationist, Ken Ham comes off as a bore and uses appeals to authority, namely the Bible and the Christian god. He is absolutely no match for the charismatic and convincing Bill Nye who uses illustrative examples of the easier argument. Bill never had to say science is infallible, because science evolves with the sharpening of our tools of inquiry and our minds, and with these ever-sharpened means of cognition we can cut away bad understandings and introduce new models which fit with our picture of that which is and how it all appears work; all Nye had to do was to point at the argument that a really old book written by a bunch of people, translated over and over, and finally translated into American English is to be interpreted for the benefit of the people living today in this world.

No contest, obviously.

That being said, Nye said a lot of great things, and hopefully many parents and children out there will pickup on the good which he offered, and perhaps they will eat it up and the parents will make better children and the children will then in turn make better parents, and on that we are away to a better world of our own creation.

I highly recommend watching and sharing this.

If I may so say, God bless Bill Nye for handing this so well. I had a worry which I now see was unfounded, that Nye might exude some manner of Dawkins, and thus alienate those who are on the fence and even those who may be moved to one day be swayed from their present belief system.

If this link dies, I will update it when I can, because this is a great night with Nye.

Bill Nye Debates Ken Ham – HD (you will have to skip about 12 minutes of music)

Take care,

– J

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