Capitalism vs. Democracy – Thomas B. Edsall + Critical Theory

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Below is a somewhat dry article which projects a divide and downfall in our collective economic future. Thankfully it also suggests a solution, not that I am able to properly weigh in on whether it’s good or not.

Thomas Piketty argues that “capitalism’s inherent dynamic propels powerful forces that threaten democratic societies”, and furthermore that a global wealth tax is required to avoid a widening inequality gap among the people of the world. And, presumably the subsequent running apart of the great economic machine atop which I feel fat, and those at the bottom cling to… in hopes of getting fat themselves. I digress, the article is below.

Capitalism vs. Democracy by Thomas B. Edsall

At present I am studying Critical Theory, a way of viewing the world in materialist terms. Thinkers like Adorno, and Horkheimer believe that since man serves the economic machine rather than the machine serving man, that the end result is the absolute commodification of man, the objectification of everything, and a downfall into barbarism (their word) similar to what might be alluded to in the above article.

Here is a link which elucidates ideas pertaining to Critical Theory. It’s something born out of the 30s in Germany, and it seeks to discover why the enlightenment did not fix everything. The whole thing being very Marxist, the associated thinkers point to the material conditions, and implore us to fix this world to serve the needs of good human life, rather than to adjust the human to fit the needs of good economics.

Critical Theory – Stanford encyclopedia of philosophy


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