Peter Schiff on economics (big surprise), C (speed of light), and Ukraine

Hey folks,

Ukraine marches on into the history books with the plight of the people, and the fight of the state to suppress them.

Here are a couple pics which are pretty amazing (IMO),

An orthodox priest stands between the people and the police.

An orthodox priest stands between the people and the police.

A video, `Insane` reporting from Kiev. It`s not in English, but I believe you will understand `sniper`, and all the body language.

Bartłomiej Maślankiewicz — Relacja z Kijowa 2014-01-22

And a fairly incriminating photo of the police preparing molotov cocktails.

Fighting fire with fire?  A poor excuse.

Fighting fire with fire? A poor excuse IMO.

A couple notes on the outrageous behaviour of the police above.

Outrage after Ukraine policeman filmed abusing naked protester

And, in case you missed the LIVE link, here it is below.
A live stream of the conflict which has been live since Nov. 27 2013
At the time of posting this, there is a wild tire fire occurring. If you have multiple screens available, why not just keep one running this continuously? It’s pretty amazing to watch.

Here’s hoping the good guys prevail…

Moving on to a similar vein of warfare… financial warfare and the coming collapse.
Here is an interview with Peter Schiff on the Joe Rogan Experience.

And with regard to the constants of war… of conflict… of exploitation and economy, a video which defends the concrete constant of C, the speed of light.

Will This Go Faster Than Light? – with Veritasium

Anyway, have a great weekend.

– J

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