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Diversions – The Big Fat Quiz of The Year 2006-2013

Persons, I stumbled across this show, The Big Fat Quiz of The Year, and frankly it’s too goddamn entertaining not to share. Below are the episodes from 2006 through to 2013 Enjoy, The Big Fat Quiz Of The Year 2006 The … Continue reading

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A new way to view stress (TED talk) + CBT

Good Thursday folks, I came across a TED talk last night which looks at stress not as the ‘RED ALERT’ which many of us perceive it as, but as the body preparing to give us a greater ability to cope … Continue reading

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Idle thoughts about gravity, some good information, and a tangent ad infinitum

Thought, reason, and the abstraction of composite thoughts or paths to thoughts…Thoughts about the metaphysical from the experience within and of this physical world. Gravity. What is it?? Rather than to sit at this impasse, I will – as it … Continue reading

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Capitalism vs. Democracy – Thomas B. Edsall + Critical Theory

Ho reader, Below is a somewhat dry article which projects a divide and downfall in our collective economic future. Thankfully it also suggests a solution, not that I am able to properly weigh in on whether it’s good or not. … Continue reading

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How to Find Your Purpose and Live a Meaningful Life – Hunter S Thompson

I hope your Wednesday (Wednesday? *checks clock*) is going well. A friend passed some Hunter S. Thompson material my way, and I would like here to share it with you. Below is a piece by Maria Popova @, some Letterman interviews, … Continue reading

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Dr Russell Barkley on ADHD + ADHD support chat

Ho folks, I have been doing some research on executive control with regard to the mind. Below is a youtube playlist of one Dr Russell Barkley talking about Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Beyond even interest in a disorder such as ADHD, the … Continue reading

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America’s health craze for fish oil is wiping out the world’s rarest shark

Damn it, I was literally just about go and buy some…

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A slice of life – The Challenger Disaster: CNN Live Coverage 11 A.M – 12 P.M

The Challenger disaster cost the lives of seven forward thinking humans, in the name of progress. Quite terrible, but it happened and here it is. At a later date I will post a similar ‘slice of life’ which features the … Continue reading

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World-first Edward Snowden interview reveals NSA spying on billions of innocents.

Ho, Interview link beneath the image. Snowden interview in English Peace – J

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Joe Rogan talks with Andreas M. Antonopoulos on Bitcoin

Adding to the list of trends which I wish I got into early (along with Jazzercise), let me present some information on Bitcoin. What is Bitcoin? A more in-depth venture into the world of Bitcoin, a Joe Rogan Experience interview with Andreas … Continue reading

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