Rick and Morty (AWESOME), get deep with Duck Dynasty…really? (yes) and a bear has a heart attack

Word up world,



Let us begin with the first episode of Rick and Morty, this series is obviously going to be really funny, and a true joy.

With winter soon arriving for the northern hemisphere, a comparison of Summer, All Season, and Winter Tires On an Ice Rink (I’ve had some messes, so be sure to get some winter tires if you’re on the road this winter).

The Dark Side Of ‘Duck Dynasty’ – Doesn’t end how you would think. (Gets deep)

Wild grizzly bear has heart attack while running uphill and dies

Dog dancing under Modern Talking (poor dog in a cage… but he gets by with a little help from his friends. I love this.)


I'll see you on the other side.

I’ll see you on the other side.


– J

About Ossington

I often think but seldom share these thoughts. And if the product of my thinking is to affect anything but my own sense of satisfaction, then surely it must be shared. Here you may try to know what I believe to know.
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