Black Friday everything 100%… in? …On? On, we’ll go with on [edit & stuff]

So I word-casseroled you guys (gals, the many and varied genders between) with my last post. beautiful

so…so beautiful

Sure, there were arguably cool / informative links. But, peppered all over the place were more words than value. Like so much beer, but not enough flavour or alcoholic content. “Is this water?” You might ask, and that would be okay.

This blog is an exercise in futility. -In a sense.

I want to write of certain things important to me, but I find it to be difficult; the work is of great to me importance, the necessary arguments are many, and they must be woven just right, lest the ideas be lost in the words.

And so this that I write I write because I feel that I cannot write. I am here flexing my muscle in the absence of a great muscular feat; if I intend to jump a chasm, until I do, I must strengthen my legs (at the very least ensure that they do not atrophy).

Starry night sky

Starry night sky

I am going on the belief that in time I will ‘get it’, and I will just be able to sit myself down undisturbed, and just say what I want to. And until I do this, I shall share thoughts on here… and when I have less to say, I will post cool music, video, and stories to keep the lights on.

mmm :3

mmm :3

Laying around the house, maybe you would like to listen to some rain?
It’s a little cool, so you slip under the covers, and hold your feet with your hands. All bent out of shape under the covers, no one to see you (unless you’re foolish enough to describe it, and post said moment to the internet), and you just breathe.

Rolling onto your back now, not before shifting around beneath, making sure not to let any body part escape from the blanket. And one does so with such care, that in some unspoken way there exists an understanding that – like the floor is lava – no skin may leave the protective non-sexual sensual touch of the blanket and the warmth trapped beneath it.

On your back, the blanket rests on your nose, and like a circus tent the fabric drapes over your mouth and eyes, and rests on your forehead and chin. Hot air builds before your mouth, and with each deep exhale your face is flush with heat. You close your eyes and feel the warmth.

Maybe the water still beats on the windows.

A Guide to Happiness: Alain de Botton Shows How Six Great Philosophers Can Change Your Life – The name of the next link.

I’ll be honest, I have not even looked at this. But just because I do not feel the need, nor do I believe I have the time does this mean that I should deprive it from you. If it says eat babies, or get eaten by babies, then don’t listen to anything it says. If not… well, you’re probably an adult (or a baby eating… baby?) and you should be able to know if the information will be of help or not.

A Guide to Happiness: Alain de Botton Shows How Six Great Philosophers Can Change Your Life

Funny enough though (terrible too, possibly), after having used terms ridiculous terms like ‘baby eating’ and ‘eat babies’, I can no doubt expect to see (via the wordpress metrics) a certain number of people arriving at this blog from a search result for… these really fucking weird things.

We need something to cleanse our pallets…

I love this gif “Think fast!”

It loaded slowly; I held my breath.

It loaded slowly; I held my breath.

Die Sendung mit der Maus!

Below is a comic about becoming friends with failure, and the personal/professional development one can get from this relationship.

Snowvember 2013, a time-lapse (at times more frames than this) of a characteristically Canadian November

Japan looks to turn the moon into a solar station <– National Post

‘An almost limitless amount of energy’, Asimov would be proud.

Isaac Asimov – The Last Question – The youtube video (I prefer to —>READ IT, myself)

And to lighten up the feeling again, a comic which illustrates a ‘first time’ Marijuana experience.


And to finish off… I really dig this beat.
Marlena Shaw – California Soul (A-Skillz Remix)


– J

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I often think but seldom share these thoughts. And if the product of my thinking is to affect anything but my own sense of satisfaction, then surely it must be shared. Here you may try to know what I believe to know.
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