Beauty, chaos, tragedy, and order; assassination of Kennedy, music, lightning and art

Our moon, the sun of the night.

Our silent companion.

Our silent companion, so far above (below?) the flurry of life, and the affairs of man.

It is but lifeless physics, of rock and dust.

Around the sun we spin with our moon, locked in its gaze as the sun shines all sides of both our bodies.

Around the sun we spin with our moon, locked in its gaze as the sun shines all sides of both our bodies.

To repeat, to the question ‘Does the sun shine on the dark side of the moon, the answer – news to me – yes, just like Earth, all sides of the moon are bathed in sunlight.

Earth, where there is tumultuous motion, heat, and emotion, the violence fervour of life.

More of Mount Shinmoedake’s volcano erupting.

The world of man, like the Earth with its moving plates, its volcanoes, its earthquakes, shakes, heaves up fire and rock. By the hand of this fickle bitch of chance, our wheel of fortune, in the lives of men, and between them mountains are moved, valleys dug, and always, the future is given to the new.

By it, as we may here call it – Social physics, the Earth is so moved. The violence so experienced, so captured can be as beautiful as a mountain blowing its top, or an electrical storm reaching out of a swirling horizon of unthinking matter and energy.

Here, Conductor Erich Leinsdorf breaks the news of Kennedy’s assassination. It is a recording beautiful in all of its facets; the crowd, the man, the music, it is all an awesome piece of art and history.

Some of these causal events can be observed, and from the chaos an order can be found. Below is lightning in slow motion. It looks almost like life, but I’m sure that it’s more likely that life… the ways of the mind, of and between groups of minds there is a way of things, and so the effect and the affected, the effect of that and the circuit this creates resembles the law-based, geometrical, mathematical, spatial, causal, temporal properties that drive everything else in and of the cosmos (or wherever the regression ends, the buck stops, and the foundation resides). [That could have been made more clear, but I do not here speak as I ought… rather, I speak as I do.]

But despite the fear, we will push on. We are not the chemicals in our brains, we are the individual minds which rise from this the physical world. And so we can move against death, take chance by the hand and dance.

Sometimes we will, when we must, go blind into the night as Leh Keen does in his Rain Dance – 24 Hours Nürburgring.

Anyways, check out some tunes

Mikky Ekko – Kids (Oliver Nelson Remix)

The Landing – Anxieties

Disclosure – Voices (Wookie Remix)


To close,

A cute photo

A cute photo, a moment however contrived

A terrifying, but interesting video of the Sky Hook, a way of quickly egressing from an area.

And finally this remarkable invention. From what I can gather, the cat is instructed to depend on the spinning of its wheel to feed it. However many revolutions of the wheel produces the food. I imagine this could be used to keep the animal fit; the sedentary life of domestication is bad for us and our animals. The Cat Wheel by Richard Norton.

And a tube cloud over Texas

I will try to better adhere to my regular posting schedule.

– J

About Ossington

I often think but seldom share these thoughts. And if the product of my thinking is to affect anything but my own sense of satisfaction, then surely it must be shared. Here you may try to know what I believe to know.
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