Badass develops cheap 3D printer, approximately $100

Every year since the concept’s inception, 3D printing has brought the average person ever closer to literally downloading a car.

We’ve seen massive CAD files released of entire cars, and even Defence Distributed (I couldn’t load their website… dun dun dunnnn) release files for a magazine and lower receiver for AR-15s, much to the chagrin of the U.S. government (and people who like law-abiding citizens to be without fully automatic weapons and/or unregistered weapons).

And that’s the beauty of 3D printing… it, like the internet that feeds it, really fucks up alot of the established control paradigm.

I have been told not to download a car enough times in my youth to the point where I just really want to do that. And with 3D printing becoming ever cheaper, we may yet get our chance to download a GM vehicle, print that shit out… and then probably burn to death in a melty plastic fire… :/

Anyway, here’s the video and the CBC article below.

CBC link to article
The future is dope, let’s make sure we don’t fuck everything up before we can 3D print hover boards, and ornate diaramas of….

(So goddamn dope)

– J

edit: Looks like some other crazy bastards have 3D printed (though, not in the same way as above) a 1911 pistol. LiveLeak Video: 3D printed 1911 pistol

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