Editorial: Concerning the post which precedes this

I feel that I must briefly comment.

I do not know what this blog is beyond its faceless metrics, defined as visitors and views. As such, the prevailing attitude of this “enterprise” is at times a nihilistic one. The upshot of this is that when it comes to controversial material, I may sooner err on the side of no editorial standards rather than to decide upon and adhere to a ‘style’.

Anyway, I can see why some people might have found that last post to be objectionable, and others, totally sweet… but that’s just the reality of a world where among peoples, persons, and genders there is a rich plurality of worldviews.

I’m digressing.

I do apologize if you found it to be objectionable. I should further note that as I am a young man, sexuality, and specifically the opposite sex may well be a prevailing undercurrent of thought and content posting for some time to come; there probably will not be many posts of the same objectivity where men are depicted, I apologize.

– J

About Ossington

I often think but seldom share these thoughts. And if the product of my thinking is to affect anything but my own sense of satisfaction, then surely it must be shared. Here you may try to know what I believe to know.
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