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Black Friday everything 100%… in? …On? On, we’ll go with on [edit & stuff]

So I word-casseroled you guys (gals, the many and varied genders between) with my last post. Sure, there were arguably cool / informative links. But, peppered all over the place were more words than value. Like so much beer, but … Continue reading

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A nude pretty lady, the thin line of art, and ‘the man’ watching your porn

Hello morally upstanding reader, I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt, and assume you did not arrive here, a bib around your neck, looking for something savory with… perhaps unsavory intentions. I have been posting fairly regularly, but to … Continue reading

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Music – Art – WWII history in Alaska – Grand Duchess Anastasia & Bob Newhart

Ho, Gesaffelstein | Pursuit Wilkinson – Afterglow Some old-school humour, Bob Newhart skit on Tobacco Looks like someone legally recorded the Top Gear Live in Amsterdam, 2013 STS-51F launch, abort & landing (7-29-85) House of Cosbys – The whole series is … Continue reading

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Beauty, chaos, tragedy, and order; assassination of Kennedy, music, lightning and art

Our moon, the sun of the night. It is but lifeless physics, of rock and dust. To repeat, to the question ‘Does the sun shine on the dark side of the moon, the answer – news to me – yes, … Continue reading

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Gestalt, a word – Videos and more to come at lunch

Die ‘Gestalt’ is a German word for form or shape. It is used in English to refer to a concept of ‘wholeness’. Uncontacted tribe first ever footage Let us get deep… The U.S. Army’s Top Secret Arctic City Under the … Continue reading

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Music, Art, TPP- nothing too substantial

The TPP: What It Is and Why It Must Die Equally creepy / cool, an old writer automaton An oldy, but a goodie: two monkeys are paid unequal wages One of my favourite 90s shows (a favourite to this day), … Continue reading

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‘Breaking Bad’ alternate ending

Originally posted on
Malcolm in the Middle just had a very bizarre plot twist. For the record, Sony Pictures is trying to get me to take this down saying that it’s copyrighted material. I assume that they’re talking…

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The moon, a dream

I shall here share a dream which I stirred from this morning. In said dream I am walking through a rural field toward a farm house. As we (myself and a couple friends) walk toward the home, the sun is … Continue reading

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Washington, Illinois, hit by powerful tornado [Short while ago]

CBC story on the event Huffington Post story on the event Terrified, people huddle in their home, as one man prays for their safety. Tornado 11-17-2013 Coal City, Wilmington, IL RAW VIDEO Below is a Reddit forum thread with lots … Continue reading

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Aeon Flux – Teddy Bear – Music | Sunday Art

Best of Japanese Independent Animation clips 1-3 Battle Royal [Full film] Project A-ko: Uncivil Wars English Dubbed ova 1 Eric Prydz – Call On Me Climb to 1,700 feet [liveleak] Liquid Television (old MTV insanity) Some Aeon Flux clips (full … Continue reading

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