A fine Friday morning, some content for you

Hello all, I hope your day is going well. Yes, it is indeed the weekend… that’s good insofar as we get to do those things which make us happy. But, wouldn’t life be better if we could do such things, hold such joy 24/7, 7 days a week? mmmph, I’m working on it, and I hope you are too; life is too short to live for the weekend.

At any rate, I didn’t mean to-

rain on your parade…

Anyway, here’s some cool stuff!

The so-called ‘most adorable quantum physics lesson on the entire internet’

Air pollution a leading cause of cancer – U.N. agency

Scientology’s fraud conviction upheld in France

This map shows where the world’s 30 million slaves live. There are 60,000 in the U.S.


[Evolution] Skull suggests three early human species were one




Why do we sleep? To clean our brains, say US scientists


A talk about the forthcoming technological singularity.

The future of nanotech assembly!

A futuristic short film

I will have more to post later.
Take care,

– J

About Ossington

I often think but seldom share these thoughts. And if the product of my thinking is to affect anything but my own sense of satisfaction, then surely it must be shared. Here you may try to know what I believe to know.
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