A short news piece, both fascinating and funny.

From ‘Oh David’, EP2

The letter reads,

“I get lost in some parts and that’s why I stopped reading it the first time. But I went through it just now.

There’s lots of poetic descriptions, which are mostly good, but they don’t always make clear what’s going on or why, so they make the story hard to imagine and follow.

For example, why did the computer spontaneously produce a message to David? What was the context of this happening? Do computers in this fictional world typically spontaneously produce messages, or is David delusional? And depending on the answer to this, why was he angry rather than freaked out in response to the message? It also wasn’t clear what the message meant since it lacked this context.

And I’m not sure why some mind thought ‘Oh David’. Did he do something wrong? Or is he crazy, and the omniscient mind is disappointed in his craziness? Also, to bring back what I mentioned to you earlier today, the name David is biblical, and the fact that the story is called ‘Oh David’ seems even more biblical, but more than that, the fact that “some mind” thought ‘Oh David’ seems even more biblical. Especially when the context of this line is not totally clear. And it can throw off a reader when there are these apparent biblical/christian undertones; they might think that they are missing something as to whats really going on.

Also, I didn’t follow what was happening with the fat man climbing the fence. I thought he did successfully climb it, but then it also seemed like he didn’t. And why was he climbing it? Again, more clear context for little events like these is going to make it easier and more enjoyable to follow and imagine.”


Below is unrelated, as this post was borrowed from the archives…. it’s something about beer. How about that?



Poor guy, but this is, as the title states, fascinating and (toward the end) a little funny… maybe quite funny.

Man brewed beer in his gut, say researchers

Happy Friday,

– J

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