FBI to operate in Canada [article]

A redditor’s description of the piece:

“Canadian and American police agencies are in private talks that would allow American agents from organizations like the FBI and the US Drug Enforcement Administration to be accredited as police officers in Canada, with the power to arrest individuals on the street like any Canadian cop.”

Suffice to say, I am less than pleased.

– J

edit: I feel as though I should qualify the above statement. Lest my posting this be took in a way that I had not intended.

Now…it seems that if there were less resistance to authority, then there could be greater control. And control, where you are in the right produces something good. In theory, at least.

Similarly, if one were to embrace more resistance to authority, then it seems there would be less control. And anarchy, I suppose, when you are in the right (good luck), produces something good as well. (?) (I’m making a point, follow me.)

But the thing is, we do not have control over, or possess at any given time ‘what is right‘. It’s something we find or decree, yes, but it’s also quite defined with respect to the future’s developed perspective and subsequent observation of it. And so to take so zealous and/or violent a bend in either direction with respect to our application of righteousness surely risks a great deal.

Perhaps a deal too great.

(Call me a moderate, perhaps.)

Cooperation is excellent, and we no doubt have common problems, but among trustworthy friends, information sharing and compartmentalization is sufficient and perhaps prudent to get us where we need to be.

Law is as good as order, and I did not want this post to communicate the contrary. In fact a friend pointed out that this sort of move could mean greater
 oversight from the RCMP. Perhaps my reaction is unwarranted “considering the times”, but this blog is where I post my reactions to things.

An edit-heavy, post.

Peace out


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I often think but seldom share these thoughts. And if the product of my thinking is to affect anything but my own sense of satisfaction, then surely it must be shared. Here you may try to know what I believe to know.
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