4/20, community, and law

Hello! (And good morning!)

I am writing this in the morning… perhaps more precisely, just before noon. Still, it’s a beautiful day, and at whatever time you read this, you may either receive my Hello! for the good of your day, whatever the time, or you may think back to yourself and your circumstances at ~11:45am EST and know that I had bid you a good morn.

No, this is not the time for us to discuss my frequent inability (or inaction with regard to) making my sentences concise.

Instead I should like to make note of 4/20, of April 20th.

April 20th (4/20) is commonly associated with smoking cannabis, marijuana, weed, or pot as it is also colloquially referred to. If you are enjoying some marijuana today, I trust that you will respect those around you, and that you will also ensure your own safety. No sense bothering people who do not partake, nor getting into a car accident, or into trouble with the law in general.

Had this been 4/20… maybe 4 years ago, I would not bid you good morn’. Rather, I would jump straight into a rant about reforming marijuana laws.

There was a time not too long ago when only some people understood cannabis. After being smeared by industry over the threat of hemp (essentially industrial cannabis: no high value, but great for products) and the propagation of outright lies by media and the government, the majority of people hated the stuff. They didn’t know it. They didn’t want to know it, and whatever the law, however harsh it was, it was probably not even harsh enough.

But time has passed.

If there was a country that had never seen a cat, nor a kitten, you probably could convince the whole population that kittens are terribly dangerous and depressing creatures (what a mix! lol).

I know it sounds absurd, but really. They once told people that marijuana makes you go insane, and the only cure is suicide.

They told people it causes people to lose their minds, to rape, and to murder, until such time when they would just have to fucking kill themselves.



What were we talking about again? bath salts?

Probably bath salts…


Marijuana you say!?

You see, with enough propaganda, trusted enough of the population has never before seen a kitten, not close enough at least, and that the media and authority take an unwavering stance on the danger of kittens, you certainly can keep people afraid of kittens and behind laws that prohibit kitten snuggling, kitten breeding, cat videos, and what have you.

But this only works for as long as enough people have not come over to someone’s home who has a litter of kittens.

Kittens are fantastic. No one has ever been driven to depression by kittens, and as per their deadliness… if someone has an allergy or a fair (though strange sounding to me) disdain for kittens, the kittens can be left to frolic around in an adjacent room out of respect for the guest.

You know I’m still talking about marijuana, right? lol

This whole piece seems so ridiculous. And it is, but the reason that it is is because we are talking about marijuana in the context of some people having believed it was dangerous.

Today enough people have tried it, enough people know someone who enjoys it, and generally enough regular citizens have come to accept that it is harmless.

Once people figure out that the propaganda is bullshit, then it becomes very difficult for the old pushers of the propaganda to keep people on their side.

The cannabis, the marijuana war has been won. Yes, there are still skirmishes, but in the end marijuana will go the way of gay marriage.

And we need to give people gay marriage, because as a people we believe in human rights.

If we don’t give gay marriage, why should we give rights to women?

Well, we should give rights to women because they are just as worthy as men with respect to dignity. Oh… well then if we’re in the belief that men and women equally have rights, then certainly we must respect the rights of the individual to live the good life as they so choose, provided that it does not hurt others or “destroy society”.

Is gay marriage going to destroy society? Of course not. And neither is marijuana.

And enough people know this. Finally.

ahhhh, what a time to be alive.

Yes, there was just a bombing in Boston,  and a bunch of shootings prior to that, and rape all over the place, and war, and sickness, and the like, but really… does this mean that things are getting worse, or is this instead a result of our being more connected and aware now?

I believe it is the latter.

There’s more good than there is bad, and this is causing a shift that will cause more bad instances to occur, or at least for us to be aware of them, but in the end we will be better because of it.

Consider it growing pains compounded by a greater awareness of the social body.

To step beyond cannabis, of marijuana, and to speak of another thing which this day represents, let us consider ‘community’.

Today in Toronto it is community cleanup day. From 11-1:30 today people are encouraged (though I did my bit earlier) to walk around and cleanup garbage laying about, and to converse with each other and to be better neighbors.

What a wonderful idea.

Laws like ‘don’t litter’ stop some people from littering, but beyond law, the idea of community and love for others and ones neighborhood goes a great deal further with regard to keeping litter of the ground.

Laws seem necessary, but they are useless if people don’t want to do the right thing.

Good society is necessitated on good people, and no number of laws however fierce can make people good.

Yes, similar to the desire to do good being more important than a law to keep people within the bounds of good, just because one requires a will not to leap into a canyon, it’s still nice to have a fence at the edge just in case.

I’ll leave you with that last little bit. Now… I am not saying that we should have fences on every canyon, nor laws concerning each action that we want to promote or dissuade, but I think you get what I mean.

Take care & happy 4/20, community cleanup day, record day, and perhaps just a good day. 😉

– J

Here is my piece for marijuana legalization & regulation.


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