2013, a new year.

It’s 2013. Some people use this time to make commitments, resolutions, which they believe will help them achieve something in their lives which they otherwise may not get to. Others see this as an empty commitment, as so many weight-watching goals have failed, and choose not to make new years resolutions.

Beyond writing more… getting my thoughts out quicker and clearer, I am not making a new years resolution. I should just like to here say that there certainly is utility to such thinking.

Researchers, scientists, smart people what have you, recently found that something special happens when a human passes through a doorway.

Here is the link


Doorways are interpreted by our minds as, what the aforementioned article calls, ‘event boundaries’. I don’t think it is then a hard stretch to view the changing of the year’s calender as something similar.

Really my point is that we should capitalize on this compartmentalization of reality. We should use this advent of the new year, this the year 2013 after some semi-arbitrary point in recorded time, as a means toward achieving a better position with respect to our own lives and a greater world respectively.

A greater world.

There is a better world out there. It is like this one, but there are key differences. Right now we have the means to feed everyone, we have the ability to stop killing one another, and to understand one another on a fundamental level.

The difference between the world that we have and the world that we want can be understood as the difference between a Windows operating system and a Macintosh operating system.

The physical computer with its hard drive, memory, processor can run either. It really doesn’t mean a thing to it, it can do either without any problem.

The problem, that distance between this world and that world which we want can be understood as the distance between a single running iteration of Windows and that same system’s running of Macintosh OSX. To shut the system down, clear everything off it and to install the other operating system is possible with a computer, but on the level of civilization, we’re talking about a complete breakdown with widespread death, destruction, confusion, followed by a power vacuum and ultimately a more dismal and less efficient operating of the current system.

Let us continue with this metaphor. If the single running itteration of Windows changed its code line by line… would it ever reach that other configuration of its software? No. It cannot for the same reason that the world may not be able to. Windows, Mac OSX, the present configuration of civilization, the ideal one… all of these are proprietary systems that are all or nothing.

It is frustrating though. To be so close to something that you want. Yet again to be so far away. Still, we should take solace, comfort in knowing our close proximity to the proper, ideal, best, desired, divine world just out of reach.

I hope 2013 brings each of you closer to whatever it is that you find joy with or love for. Make yourself better, and with you we may take another couple steps toward finding this better world. I trust that we will one day find it without falling through the floor of our present world, this glass cathedral we call modern civilization.

Peace, love, and progress.

– J

About Ossington

I often think but seldom share these thoughts. And if the product of my thinking is to affect anything but my own sense of satisfaction, then surely it must be shared. Here you may try to know what I believe to know.
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1 Response to 2013, a new year.

  1. SprinklinThoughts says:

    Very well put & a great analogy.. too bad though, huh? For me, that spmetimes makes it tough to deal with – except if I accept that’s the way it is… so I look at it as maybe a field of wheat that is fast approaching harvest time – we’re the wheat…
    Just a thought…
    Happy New Year, may this next year be a good one for you and yours. 🙂

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