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Machiavelli The Prince [5 part documentary]

Just a documentary drop. I have read Machiavelli’s The Prince, but tomorrow I will begin University study of it. I’m certain that I will be able to draw good stuff from my time reading to share here. And the audio … Continue reading

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George Orwell – A Life in Pictures (Full Documentary)

I had many thoughts this weekend past. In the end, it was a mix of thoughts too personal to be of value, and thoughts too tall that not even in contemplation of them could their dimensions be discerned. And so … Continue reading

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Eisenstein – ‘The General Line’ (1929) [silent film]

My last post was an example of something which I am going to be doing a lot of here. Namely, thinking/talking about things which I have no real place talking about. Anyways, here is an old silent film from Russia … Continue reading

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Follow the rules unless you’re making the rules ( playing Thrasymachus for a moment)

In keeping with my interest in writing something every day, I was going to post some fiction. However, perhaps I should bore you with that another time. I want to share a thought. A thought and a link to something… … Continue reading

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2013, a new year.

It’s 2013. Some people use this time to make commitments, resolutions, which they believe will help them achieve something in their lives which they otherwise may not get to. Others see this as an empty commitment, as so many weight-watching … Continue reading

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