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Alan Watts – On The Book of Eli

This is similar to what my last post ‘thoughts on pure existence.‘ Enjoy.   – j

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And it got me too. D’oh! Sounds like a good time for us to go and change all our passwords.

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The present is the future, is the past: thoughts on pure existence.

I have many things in my head at the moment that I would like to get out. Assertions which I would like to share, and questions which I would like to ask. Really, I would like to (as I here … Continue reading

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Nasa looks inside Sandy and talks about climate change.

Nasa looks inside Sandy and its ‘left turn’ which wrought so much havoc for the U.S.’s East coast. Apparently the rapid melting of ice in(on?) Greenland was a cause of this. There is a metaphor towards the end which likens … Continue reading

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Working together, through time, to achieve lasting and meaningful ends.

With the U.S. Presidential election upon us, I believe this is a good time to shed light upon what needs to happen in any such nation, group, or even individual. First there must exist a will to survive, to succeed, to … Continue reading

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Documentary: Order and Disorder – Information

Pretty interesting stuff – j

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A thought concerning this blog (maybe an apology)

A correction of sorts. The purpose of this blog, of this publication, is to put thoughts into the outer stream of human understanding (or opining) from which we all draw and wade each day. My previous post was a fabrication … Continue reading

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