What, of God, do we tell the children? And what of faith?

Below is a reprint of work I had published in 2010. It is as the title suggests, enjoy.

What, of God, do we tell the children? And what of faith?

Before we can answer these questions, we must first decide whether our child belongs to us or to all of humanity. I have spent many months on this subject, and my conclusion is that the plant does not belong to the gardener, nor does it belong to the garden of which it takes root, but that it belongs to the Earth itself.

Though, I do not mean to lessen the role of the gardener. On the contrary, the foundation that we cultivate in these early, formative years is the basis for which every other understanding takes root. If the ground is rotten, any hopes of growing into a solution and not just another walking, talking, consuming, human-problem is seriously stunted.

I have had time to examine the Judeo-Christian-Islamic faith, enough to know that this God is not for me, nor is it for a unified, peaceful, progressive Earth. How can the people of the Earth be unified if they are sold, depending on where they are born, a different story that dictates who is wicked and who is righteous? How can the many beautiful plants and animals have any chance of survival if we believe that this world is but a waiting room to be willingly brought to ruin while we wait for the custodian to come and let us into paradise, as if there were a more beautiful place than this. How can people know true love and compassion if the only motivation is to avoid hellfire? The answer to all of these is silence, a very frustrated, teary silence.

I am an agnostic, but only because I believe it to be awfully arrogant to be certain of something that will likely remain forever out of reach. Both the moment before the big bang and all that is outside of our senses and beyond the tuning of our scientific instruments is part of the wonder of existence. And of this I will tell my child.

I will tell my child that while our science says that this universe appears to be the product of an explosion, and that we seem to be the result of evolution, we may still have a designer. However, that which is within us, that which drives us to find answers will seek the creator of that designer. And, as we can never know the first cause that affects us, even to this day, I will tell my child not to worry of that. I will tell my child not to fear death, for while it is in the realm of the unknown, it is fundamental to existence, and thus should never be feared. I will tell my child that man once worshiped many Gods, and that our understanding evolved to where the many now follow only one God. One God that today plagues us with its many versions, its too many followers certain of who should live and who should die. A plague of too little resources and time to support such a biblical, cold-war for much longer.

I will tell my child that we need only one another. And, that we must treat our home with love and respect. And anything that crawls upon the Earth, burrows beneath its soil, swims through its seas or flies above them are to be treated with the respect and the dignity that all living things, apparently sentient or otherwise, deserve. I will tell my child that of all the known beings of the universe, we are the only ones able to create new concepts and see them manifest in reality. I will tell my child that we are the caretakers of this place, and as the true Gods of our planet we have a great responsibility indeed.

Of faith, I will tell my child to have faith in herself, in himself, in humanity, and above all, in the truth, even if it stands contrary to an established truth or a familiar lie, no matter how comforting or convenient it may be.


– J

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I often think but seldom share these thoughts. And if the product of my thinking is to affect anything but my own sense of satisfaction, then surely it must be shared. Here you may try to know what I believe to know.
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1 Response to What, of God, do we tell the children? And what of faith?

  1. sueannm66 says:

    What a wonderful reflection. I love the analogy of parents being the gardeners. Wise words to teach our children about being respectful caretakers. Thank you!

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