The common roots of the worldly faiths (Documentary Link)

I have not posted in a while. Today I did some writing on a set of normative ethics which pertains to the all-too-human striving for happiness. I will post that another time when I have it more rounded out. It is so simple, that it must have been written before. Simplicity in ethics, I believe, is important. And, as people continue to take, and to kill, and to lie, and to essentially debase their souls, and to corrupt their minds in their ever-present attempt to lessen others in a misguided effort to lift themselves up… as people continue to do this while being blinded to what they do, I believe it is vital to happiness, and the survival of the species that there be another law by which people may operate.
That, of course, I will cover in a post to come.

In regard to morals and normative ethics, I must stay that I have gone through a bit of a journey in that regard. Indeed, I still am still feeling my way through the dark down this path. I was once Christian, and held certain beliefs in that regard. Below I have attached a documentary which was the basis for my having changed my view of worldly theism. The documentary essentially shows the faiths which are prevalent on Earth today to be artifacts of a more ancient religion which was essentially pagan astrology.

Today I am an agnostic-atheist. I do have certain beliefs, but they are very uncertain. They are similar to those discussed at the very end of this very interesting piece.

What do I believe… well, it seems strange that there could be some God which has culture (ideas, a constitution of self which was not affected by anything outside of it). At the same time, I truly do believe that there must be some infinite thing. This infinite thing could be God, but I don’t believe It could be personified. Perhaps more likely, this infinite thing could just be the Universe itself… or something upon which the Universe sits, and by which it operates (math, geometry, laws etc.), but this too could be called God. Or, perhaps (most likely in my summation), the Universe is just so, so, so complex that there doesn’t even need to be such a thing as God. Perhaps the true nature of reality is completely beyond (even beyond the ability to glimpse part of it) the comprehension of the human mind… or any mind for that matter. Or maybe there is a deity, I do not know, and I cannot know.

So my mind is open to anything, and I am skeptical that those here on Earth could have received conflicting messages from a God that I can’t really see existing, within my current understanding of the Universe / objective reality.

Oh, and don’t get me started on the mean-nature of this Judeo-Christian God.


So, there’s the interesting documentary which allowed me to escape Christianity. Don’t get me wrong, Jesus is still my homeboy. His ‘Golden rule’ is essentially where my own ethics go, but I will elaborate on that in one of my next posts.

– J

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I often think but seldom share these thoughts. And if the product of my thinking is to affect anything but my own sense of satisfaction, then surely it must be shared. Here you may try to know what I believe to know.
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