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Thoughts on a bus : homelessness

Neglect is telling of negligence, and a blog telling of this tends to say very little indeed. And so, I will endeavor to say something about my experiences today. I gave two dollars, this morning, to a unkempt man smelling … Continue reading

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The midlife crisis – a redux

Below is a short bit about the absurdity of people acquiring, for selfish means, material wealth in the face of mortality. The sharing of one’s life seems wholly proper to the task of justifying ones existence. (Unless you build a … Continue reading

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What is it to be a human? What is it to be a good human?

What is it to be a human? Before I can address what it is to BE a human, much less a good human, I ought to first pin down what a human is. If we look at the human anatomy, … Continue reading

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Concerning Death as either a cessation of existence or a transcendence of this reality.

Just as surely as life is occurring to that intelligible bit within you which some call a mind, and others a soul, you can be sure that one day this will cease to be. Death is what we call it. … Continue reading

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