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A boy, his dog, and eternity.

A boy and his dog sit on a bench overlooking a busy span of highway. Their skin and fur, respectively, is covered and matted with a grey-yellow dust. The boys lips are red and cracked. The dog’s nose is a … Continue reading

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Just a simple post. A stone in a faraway place.

I said I would be writing on this every day. Yes, I write every day… but these daily writings are for larger projects. Moving on. A rock sits upon a hill. Behind it and for miles there stretches nothing but grass. Green … Continue reading

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Gods in the garden.

Again I found myself questioning the often unquestioned fact of life, namely that of attraction and sex drive. (University campuses will do this to any mind which chooses to turn in on itself in reflection… amid a sea of active … Continue reading

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Life is for the living

I sat on the subway today (2 nights ago now), and I caught myself in thought. With my head to my shoulder, my legs crossed, and my fingers steeple’d in my lap, I succumbed to a pang of existential sadness. … Continue reading

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