Strange dream 01/10/12

From my bed I could see into a busy open floor which is the office I work in. Commotion. Yelling. Deprecation. Someone is getting fired.

I decide the best thing to do is to leave them be and go to sleep.

When I wake I find that there is a great deal of bustling. My bedroom no longer opens on to my work place, instead there is a great estate. And there are a great many people. All of whom I recognize from my office.

Someone has died and all these important people are there. The mayor, both my grandparents, lots of Mr. Burns figures (it’s a dream).

At one point I am playing around with a good friend of mine and we jump into open-wheel race cars.  This estate we are on is also my home, and it is fit with a Mosport-style race track. My friend and his buddy jump into the vehicle ahead of me and me and my buddy into the race car to the rear. After we agree on the terms of the racing we get going. Of course, as we get onto the track, we find that there is a procession of mourning (very) important people walking the track… in both directions! I try to convey this to the driver of the car in the lead, but I am unconvincing in my explanation and he takes off. I decide to quickly pull off the track and into the grass. To my embarrassment, I see both of my grandmothers approaching from the opposite direction that we were racing in. My father fears that me and my friends are fired.

I return to the house and there are political dignitaries everywhere.  As time goes on fewer and fewer people remain. One of the important people talks about drinking with me. His girlfriend has (or fakes) a headache. They decide they must leave. In the meantime we are watching a television movie… something like a mix of the Tele-Tubbies and a Bruce Lee film. The last part of that which I remember is one man putting aside his weaponry to, with his palms, smush the face of the man who he is trying to hide. The man’s face is smushed into a silver-coated face.

The rest of the people leave. The last couple (watching the television film with us) reverses over  flower pot in the driveway. I run out waving at them with a smile. The whole event smacked of importance, and I was still unsure if I was going to have a job the next day.

I wake.

I wake not simply to this, but to a different dream which occurred earlier, or between… maybe a dream within a dream. The latest iteration of the video game DRIVER (which I did a little review on) seemed to be the basis. I was using google maps to float over the world and choose to enter the bodies of the people driving the cars on the highways. I felt the need to practice driving, and I thought what better way than to select cars many miles from my home. Of course, taking over a car… and then later switching out was almost certainly a guarantee that the driver would regain control/consciousness too late and crash the vehicle.

kept doing this. I moved over the face of North America doing so. Taking trucks, cars, buses and I would drive them a great distance before abandoning them. I later had serious concerns that this would come back to me. It also felt wrong. Here, I believe, I woke to a bustling office room outside of my bedroom door.

More occurred. So much more. So strange the human mind and these stories it must share with me… and I guess that I must share with you.

About Ossington

I often think but seldom share these thoughts. And if the product of my thinking is to affect anything but my own sense of satisfaction, then surely it must be shared. Here you may try to know what I believe to know.
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