Canadian sovereignty and the future

My politics professor asked the class if they like the idea of the European Union. Many raised their hands, perhaps half, and I did not.

Then the professor asked if a North American Union is something we would like and this time maybe 30% said sure. I of course abstained from voting in the affirmative with much heartfelt resolve.

The class was then asked why would it be good for the Europeans and not for us Canadians? Are we fascist? Are we Nationalists?

While I cannot speak for the class, I can certainly explain myself. Do I love Canada?  Of course, but so too do I love the world at large. Which is better? That is a foolish question for jingoists and perhaps sports fans. I am as proud to be Canadian as I am to be a populist globalist (there’s no such thing… yet).

“Wait!” You may say. If I am for globalization… why am I saying that the North American Union is a bad idea? I believe that the NAU is a bad idea, at present, because the hi-jinks that occurs in politics today amounts to a destruction of the land, the water, the air, the rights of the people (really anything good) for the sake of more power in the hands of the rulers and their interests and obligations with the corporate state. To allow for Canada to be swallowed up in a deal with Mexico and the U.S. is to 1. Lower Canada to (at least) the level of the U.S., in many respects (bye bye health care, hello wars) and 2. To really get the ball rolling for global governance not on the terms of the globe’s people… but of the interests of the corporate state and the ruling elites. This is not the globalism that will propel humanity into a golden age of… well Star Trek. (Yes, Trekkie or not, a Star Trek civilization really ought to be our target).

Why globalism?

I can see as well as the professor can that Canada has not been here for long, and as time moves on, there will one day be less of a need for Canada, for the U.S., etc. Amalgamation will occur. There will be world government sooner or later. In fact, I will go as far as saying that if there isn’t world government established, there will instead be option B (and all ruling elites know this). Option B is essentially the destruction of everything and everyone. Absurd you say?

At present the world is comprised of borders, differing ideologies, competing nuclear powers, and competing industrial powers who adhere to no global regulation, and yet all of us live out our lives on this one single planet. The people and resources of this planet will either be destroyed/sullied via nuclear war, or all the world and its inhabitants will be poisoned and cooked to death by pollution and climate change. So there must be world governance to give direction to this out-of-control car, before it reaches a wall or a precipice.

To what end? To a specific end. We must realize that this planet is a life boat in a very, very inhospitable environment. And without this planet and its flaura and fauna, there could not be anything like us. There would be no sentience in the Universe (for all we know). No love. No dreams. Nothing of the sort. And it is upon this that we have a great responsibility. Once we realize that we are all children of the same family, then we can take care of the planet and, take care of our responsibility to ensure this wondrous thing (which is inanimate matter reaching the complexity of thought and experience) makes its way off of the Earth and into space to spread humanity among the distant reaches of the cosmos.

I say that this (globalism first, space colonization second) is important (so does Stephen Hawking, and lots of other reasonable people), because a cataclysmic will destroy the Earth and everything upon it. If it isn’t the myriad of possibilities that may occur before the Sun runs out of its main fuel, it will at least be that. In about 4 billion years (something will occur before this… likely many, many times over), the sun will run out of Helium and will swell to a size far greater than it is today. The Earth will be consumed in flames and plasma and unless we got off that rock 4 billion years before that point… whatever life exists on the planet, under a moonless sky (we lose the moon long before the Sun runs out of fuel), will be forever destroyed, never to return.

So. Yes Canada is great. But it isn’t the greatness of Canada that tells me the North American Union is a bad idea. It is the necessity of world government, of globalism, that is too important to leave to the fools that divide and conquer us today.

We can do it. And I believe we will. We take for granted so much, every day. 14.7 Billion years ago there was a release of energy and matter. Today that matter has formed such complexity that there are flowers, mountains, poetry, eyes to see these colours and know such beauty. Canada is great and I see the greatness of Canada reaching into the future to participate in an honest and open process to create a world for everyone, and a future that places humanity in the safety and glory of the stars above.


In closing here are some important links I watched today.

– J

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