Nothing changes on New Year’s day.

Buona matina

And so begins my 365 day ‘how do I feel about it’ challenge. It’s silly to be waking in this new year with a pounding headache when I hadn’t a drop to drink last night. (I’m currently ill). This blog itself seems like it was inspired by liquid courage or smokey-eyed audacity. (A fever might make more sense). That being said, even in the sobering morning hours I can see the value in such an endeavour, however “successful” or not it turns out to be. (sneeze, cough, groan)


I’m sure we all remember when we were but wee little ones, when we were asked about our intentions here on Earth. “What do you want to be?” we would be asked. From primary school through to college I gave such answers as; lawyer, police officer, military man, journalist, and advertising copywriter. My penultimate choice which is still with me today seems to disregard any substantial interest in wealth accumulation, combines the altruistic nature of some of my earlier intentions, and fully depends upon writing. It is because of this that I have come to identify with an interest in being a writer. At times, I have even called myself one. Yes, I have been published, and I have been paid for doing such things. Still, I do more thinking than I do writing. And since one cannot go around claiming to be a thinker (root vegetables could be thinkers for all I know), it is about time that I do some writing about things that really, really matter to me. Perhaps then a time will come when, despite my shortcomings, I will no longer feel like I am wearing someone else’s clothes when I refer to myself as one who writes. And so I shall write.

The Mayans grrr

Why 2012 to choose to do so? This seems like so silly a question. The whole of the world appears to be ass over tea kettle. It isn’t simply that, of course, as this has been the case for quite a long time. The difference is that ever since 2001 (at least that’s when I started paying attention) the high-pressure situation has been boiling in plain sight of anyone not distracted by the television or the regularity of their calender. Worse still, today the hypocrisy and lunacy of the status quo is as clear to see as the Sun is in the sky on a cloudless April day: it can be blinding.

In the Bush years I worried about the world being a crazy place of Coach bags and cluster bombs, and that it seemed that no one cared. Today with the worsening world economy, the Arab Spring, the signing of the National Defense Authorization Act, the furtherance of the Stop Online Piracy Act, the Republican presidential candidates, the intensified pushes for war with Iran, the war in Afghanistan, the worsening environmental catastrophe, the occupy movement, the rapid wildlife extinction, the resource depletion, the soaring global human population, Comedy Central’s roasts… no one can hide from the reality of the world, nor can they from terms like terrorism, austerity, preemption, extraordinary rendition, and indefinite detention.

With all of these problems and the seemingly nonexistent (viable/popular) solutions to them, it must now be apparent to everyone that the ‘apparatus of civilization’, this ‘world’ that turns a planet of animals into a structured place of concepts, ideas and expectations (where people hold complex relationships with one another to overcome the limitations of being individuals), is woefully out of touch with the needs of its Earthly animals.

Together we must adapt, evolve, grow, mature, or else we will use the old ways to collectively bludgeon ourselves into a situation from which there can be no escape.

Will every post be political? No. (But if that is the case, could you really blame me?) Each post will be a reactionary gesture of a human living out this, the two-thousand and twelfth year since… well since time was kept by some other means.

In closing, here is Charlie Brooker’s hilarious & genius British 2011 Wrap Up.

Let’s make 2012 a good one.


– J

About Ossington

I often think but seldom share these thoughts. And if the product of my thinking is to affect anything but my own sense of satisfaction, then surely it must be shared. Here you may try to know what I believe to know.
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